Leaving the Auction Behind: My Journey from eBay to E-commerce Entrepreneur

Hi there,

So let me share a bit of my online entrepreneur story with you. A few years back, I started selling car cleaning and detailing products on eBay. It began as a side hustle, and I loved seeing those sales notifications pop up on my phone, even if they were just occasional. Everything was going smoothly, and I enjoyed the process of sending off products to car enthusiasts across the country.

But as sales started to pick up, so did some unexpected problems. Some larger sellers on the platform didn’t take too kindly to the competition and started reporting my listings — they were finding reasons to do it, even claiming image copyright infringements on photos I had taken myself. Still, eBay always sided against me and removed my listings, lowered my ranking, and made life generally difficult. I couldn’t understand why they were doing that. Surely they wanted me to get more sales as that would bring them more fees, right? Nope. I learnt that eBay nearly always sided with the bigger company, the higher-grossing seller. That was the wake-up call I needed.

So, I took a leap of faith. I quit eBay and launched my own online store - MyShinyWheels.com. It was scary to step out on my own. eBay had a ready customer base, and now I had to attract buyers to my website. But, there was an upside — without eBay’s fees, I was able to lower my prices and pass those savings onto my customers. The challenge? Finding a way to let people know about it.

My journey is just beginning. I’m still figuring out how to reach more people and let them know about my website and products. I’m learning every day, making some mistakes along the way, and improving as I go. And honestly, this is the main reason I started this blog — to document my journey from being an eBay seller to launching my own website. I believe in the power of shared experiences, in learning from each other’s triumphs and hiccups.

I’d love for you to be a part of my story. Thanks for being here and joining me on this journey.

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