How I Lost 50% of My Car's Value. Avoid These Common 10 Car Wash Mistakes

In today's post, we'll spotlight the top 10 car wash mistakes that could be harming your vehicle's appeal and longevity. We'll walk you through these common pitfalls and offer practical advice to help you keep your car sparkling clean without compromising its health. Buckle up and let's dive right in!

Mistake #1: Wrong Cleaning Order: Top to Bottom is the Right Way

Starting your car wash from the bottom up might seem logical, but it's actually a common mistake that can lead to unnecessary damage. Why? The lower sections of your car accumulate more grime and dirt, which could be dragged up and scratch your car's upper surfaces. Always kick-off the cleaning from the top and use a separate mitt for the lower, dirtier areas.

Mistake #2: The Danger of Reusing a Dropped Mitt or Towel

Dropping your mitt or towel and then picking it up for reuse is a recipe for potential scratches. The ground is teeming with debris, sand, and dirt that could imprint damaging marks on your car's paintwork. The golden rule here? Always employ fresh, clean mitts or towels for each car wash session.

Mistake #3: The Crucial Step of Pre-Washing

Skipping pre-washing is like applying makeup on a dirty face! A proper pre-wash entails removing the bulk of dirt and grime using a snow foam or pre-wash spray. By loosening and dissolving the dirt, you drastically reduce the risk of scratching your car's paintwork during the actual wash.

Mistake #4: The Unsightly Impact of Dried Liquids

Leaving liquids, especially tap water, to dry on your car invites unpleasant watermarks that could require costly paint correction. To evade this, always promptly dry your car after washing it, especially during those sweltering summer days.

Mistake #5: The Perils of Improper Cleaning Materials

Using paper towels, rags, or tissues to clean your car? Bad idea! These materials can harm your car's finish. Switch to microfiber towels, specifically designed for car detailing. These magical towels are packed with tiny fibers that safely trap dirt, thus preventing scratches and swirl marks. Select the correct microfiber cloth for each task for optimum results.

Mistake #6: Wiping with a Dry Microfiber: A Big No-No

While microfiber towels are a godsend for cleaning, remember to pair them with a lubricant. This ensures smooth cleaning, avoids scratches, and gives your car a thorough cleanse. A quick spray of an exterior detailer onto the cloth or car's surface provides the needed lubrication.

Mistake #7: Avoid Slippery Products on Interior Surfaces

Applying oily, slippery products to your car's interior? That's setting the stage for risky driving. Stick to a non-slip interior detailer that leaves a factory-fresh finish without compromising your grip on the steering wheel or pedals.

Mistake #8: The Importance of Cleaning Your Cleaning Equipment

Dirty equipment could thwart your car-cleaning efforts and be a source of scratches. Keep your mitts, microfiber towels, and brushes spotless. Consider using a plastic crate for mitt protection during pressure washing, and remember to wash microfiber towels in the washing machine at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius.

Mistake #9: Special Care for Soft Top Roofs

Soft top roofs demand extra caution to prevent damage. Hold off using a pressure washer too close to the roof; instead, opt for gentle cleaning with a soft bristle brush, similar to those used for cleaning leather surfaces.

Mistake #10: Avoid Direct Contact of Vacuum Hose with the Car

The vacuum hose picks up dirt and grime from the floor, so letting it touch your car would simply transfer that dirt. Instead, hold the hose securely to prevent it from coming into direct contact with your car's surfaces.

The Path to a Flawless Car Wash

Steering clear of these car wash mistakes is the first step towards maintaining your car's luster and preventing damage. From following the correct cleaning sequence, choosing the right cleaning materials, to ensuring your equipment is always clean and more, every detail matters. Remember, the soft top roofs need some tender love and care, and the vacuum hose should never touch your car. With these handy tips, your car wash sessions are set to be a resounding success. Happy detailing!

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